Friday, March 27, 2009

Who knew hives could be so LARGE????

Last night as we were getting the kids ready for bath, this is what we saw on Bryce:

Yes folks, those are HIVES. I have never seen them so large. He had the huge one on his side, some on his legs, some on his arms, down by his was to bad. We had no idea what had happened. I called Gene in to look at them. Took pictures and sent them to my friend Marie, my friend Shelley and my mom. Called the babysitter to see if she had seen anything calls me back and says you need to get him to the doctor NOW. Of course, Audrey was already in the tub with wet hair, so we had to hurry and do a quicky bath. Didn't even bother to comb her hair before rushing out the door to Urgent Care. The one we usually go to was closed, so we went to one by my mom's house. Mom met us there and took Audrey to her house and got her hair detangled and kept her occupied for a few minutes. The doctor comes in, takes one look at my son's poor body and says "Well, that's a lovely case of hives. What has he eaten?" By this time they had spread to almost the whole backside of his legs, and were pretty much covering his entire body. He looked miserable. We're not entirely sure what it is that he's allergic too. He didn't eat anything strange at the sitter's house, and hadn't eaten dinner with us. We're thinking he ate something at school, but we're not sure. At the doctor's office, he got a shot of Benadryl, some prednisone, and a dose of Zyrtec. I'm glad Benadryl works fast because most of the hives went away pretty quickly. She said we really need to find out what it is that he's allergic too because next time it could be worse. Things looked better this morning, but we still had this on his arms:

There was still one more on his backside, and one down by his ankle. My poor bubbaboy!

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