Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I went shopping over the weekend. I haven't been shopping for me in a long time. Part of it was that funk I was in over my weight loss. (By the way I was down 2 pounds this week. I think my new total is 112.6 pounds thrown away.) So we went to Old Navy. I have always wanted to shop there, because the clothes just seem so cool. I found things that fit, but unfortunately the pants hit at my widest area - my hips. I'm not comfortable with pants that low. I prefer them up higher. I know, I know, it's just me and I'm not in fashion. I don't care - I'm also modest and don't feel comfortable showing my underwear every time I bend over. So my mom and I went to Wallyworld. Much to my surprise, I got in a pair of size 12 pants! I was so excited. I don't ever remember being in a size 12. I found a really cool top that was on clearance as well. I made the mistake of letting my son choose the color- of course, he chose red. But I guess a red shirt and black pants look good together. And he was very definite about the color red - it couldn't be this cool teal or purple - it had to be red. Oh well. That's what I get for letting him choose.

So here is me in my new outfit.....

Audrey is finally getting over croup. She's starting to sound better, but she still has snot attacks and the croupy productive cough. We have her Remicaid infusion on Saturday, so another fun day up at PCMC.

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