Thursday, March 12, 2009

Some Good News to Post!!

I finally have some good news to post. I don't think I've done that in a while. Audrey has been blinking a lot since her surgery, and since I'm terrified of her eyes flaring and us not catching it, she had an eye doc appointment yesterday. He said that the excessive blinking is because she still has sutures in her eyes from the surgery. He also said that her eyes look great - no sign on inflammation! And since they have been quiet for a little while now, he also said we can cut back on the Remicade infusions to once every 8 weeks! When we were there on Saturday, her rheumy happened to be on call, so he stopped by to see us. He said that she looks great. I'm so hoping to hear the words "medicated remission" on Tuesday when we see him for her official appointment.

We had Bryce's parent-teacher conference last night. He's doing so well! His teacher's assistant says he is just progressing really well. There are a lot of areas that we still need to work on, but he's doing really well. Some of his areas that they tested on jumped a whole bunch, others just a bit, but for most areas there was improvement. Some of his test scores were actually above what they were aiming for! We were so excited. His teachers just love him, and so I feel really good about that. At least until his next temper tantrum.... :-)

Gene's work has finally picked up. Last week he actually had overtime, and so we figured that his hours would be cut this week. Much to our surprise, he's staying at full-time! Wahoo! Maybe this is the sign of things to come. I certainly hope so. Rumor has it they might be getting a bunch of vent patients, so maybe they'll finally make good on their promise to move him into a RT position. We don't think so, though - they've hired several additional RT's and bypassed him completely every time, so we're not real hopeful about that.

So finally some good news!

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