Friday, February 27, 2009

Another ER visit

Yesterday my sister called me and needed me to pick up her son from day care. Turns out her older son broke his wrist in 2 places and needed to go to Primary's to get it set. Sure, not a problem. So I go pick the kids up (and do manage to get all 3 of them in my little car all buckled in) and I immediately notice that I don't like the way Audrey's breathing sounds. So we went home, got Gene, and grabbed a bit to eat. We went to Urgent Care, and her oxygen sats were at 90%. So we go flying up to Primary's, traded Bryce and Jordan back to my mom and Jenny who were already up there with Tyler, and waited our turn. Turns out she has croup. They gave her some decadron and some Tylenol to bring the fever down, and she started feeling better after those hit.

Dang, I hate having an immune suppressed child! Gene's home with her today trying to sleep while she watches some TV until I get home. Gene's work hours have been cut again - we're only getting 24 hours a week. We're both so frustrated it's not even funny.

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