Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Quick update

I think we finally have everyone one semi-healthy. Gene is finally over his nasty cold, but he sprained his wrist at work, and so that hasn't felt too good. But he finally got into a brace rather than a semi-cast, so at least he's able to work now. Audrey is pretty much recovered from her surgery on her eyes. Bryce is fairly healthy - although he has a cough that's getting nastier by the day, but we'll wait and see on that.

We had the neatest experience the Saturday after Audrey's sugery. We had tickets to attend the Draper Temple open house. It was really neat to be able to take the kids inside, and let them actually see inside the temple. The very last room you sit in is a sealing room. I picked the kids up and let them look into the "eternity mirrors", and by that time every body had left the room. I saw a teaching moment. I asked the ushers who were there if the kids could kneel at the altar. I was told they could, so I put one child on each side of the altar, and I kneeled at the head. I then told them that mommy and daddy were sealed in a room like this, except in a different temple- the Manti Temple. I also said that because of the things that happen in this very special room, families are sealed together forever. That this is where a forever family started - right here. Because mommy and daddy were sealed in a room like this, if they do their part and live righteously, then they can be sealed to someone in a room like this. But even if something happened to mommy or daddy or them, that we would still be a forever family because of the promises given in the temple. It was a very neat experience. I was so proud of them for how they behaved in the temple - they were very reverent. Audrey kept telling everyone about how they saw the baptismal font on the back of 12 cows. (FYI - for those that don't know - the font is really on the back of 12 oxen that represent the 12 tribes of Israel)

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  1. That is so neat! I am proud of you for taking the opportunity for a teaching moment. I am glad that everyone is feeling better and the surgery went well. Our thoughts and prayers are still with you.