Thursday, January 29, 2009

Audrey's surgery

Audrey's eye surgery is over. I'm so glad. We had to be up at PCMC today at 11:00, and believe it or not they actually got her back early at 12:00. I just about lost it when I had to say good-bye at the operating room doors, but I knew she was in good hands, but it still stunk. Gene and I then went down and grabbed a quick bite to eat, and then headed back upstairs to the waiting room. Dr. Hoffman came in probably half an hour later, and pulled is into the little conference room. He said things went really well, and he tightened up the muscles about 3 millimeters. I'm so hoping we don't have to do this again. I went in to the post op with her, and I was so grateful to see that she was okay. She was still really drugged from the anesthesia, but at least she didn't feel getting the IV this time! All of a sudden I started feeling really sick and light-headed and asked for the puke basin not for her, but for me! I think that I just was too warm and ate too late so I started getting really queasy. After a few minutes of sitting down with an ice pack on my neck I was okay, but they still insisted on putting me in a wheel chair to get me down to Recovery. Talk about feeling like an idiot! We got home about 3:30 or 4:00, so it wasn't too bad. And luckily this time they gave her Lortab, so once that hit she seemed to do okay. We're just making sure to keep her medicated for the first few days.

So thanks to all for everyone's thoughts and prayers. I'm still off work tomorrow and plan on sleeping in!!!!

Love to all,

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  1. I am glad that she is doing better. Our prayers continue to be with you.