Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thanksgiving Point Farm Country

We won tickets to the Wild Outdoors Festival down at Thanksgiving Point. It wasn't necessarily that I wanted to was a way to get the kids out of the house and let Gene sleep in peace. It was really kind of cool. We saw the Splash Dogs competition (the dogs jump off a deck into a pool trying to get the most distance). It was neat, and the kids enjoyed it. Bryce's giggle every time the dogs jumped was so loud and infectious every body around us just started to giggle every time he did. It was kind of funny. After the festival, we walked over to Farm country at Thanksgiving Point. Admission wasn't terribly expensive, and we got to walk all the way through and take a wagon ride. The kids got a kick out of that as well. They had this amazing white peacock. It was so beautiful. They also had a parrot at the Outdoors Festival, and I got to hold it. That was really neat.

The white peacock...and the "normal" peacock. The white peacock I've never seen before, so that made it cool in it's own right. But I just love the brilliant blue on the regular peacock's breast / body. It's so pretty. I just love it.

Yes, they really got to try and "milk" a cow that was giving out water. That was kind of cool. Audrey didn't want to get too close to the horses - she's actually quite terrified of them. They are okay as long as she's not close to them - get her close, and she goes into panic mode. And I absolutely love Bryce's grin. He has such a beautiful smile.

Bryce's birthday party is coming up this month, as well as our trip to the Manti Temple for pageant. It will be our first year taking the kids, so we'll see how that goes and if we all make it back alive....

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