Thursday, June 18, 2009

Medication update and funny Bryce story

I heard from the NP at Audrey's rheumatologist's office. After consulting with her ophtomologist, he is going to increase her methotrexate to .7 cc sub q weekly. That should be fun with an increase in the nausea and vomiting that will go along with it. She's trying to learn to swallow pills, but it isn't going well. Not looking forward to this.

Bryce's b-day party is on Saturday. We invited one of his best friends from school named McCade. Turns out McCade is going to Disneyland this weekend, and so won't be able to come over for the party, but wanted to drop a gift off. We were all having snuggle time on the couch, and the doorbell rings. I open up the door and Bryce saw McCade through the crack when I opened it, and he just starts screaming McCade! McCade! It was so funny. He brought over a Candy Land game and an Uno Game - McCade's two favorite games. Right away both boys are off to Bryce's bedroom and playing. His mom and I looked at each other and said we have got to get these two together for a play date. I guess McCade talks all the time about Bryce, which just warmed my heart to hear. As a mom, you always worry that your child will be judged, and that's even worse when he has a speech impediment or something to make him "different". I'm so glad that children are so much more accepting of differences than others are. At least they are at the age of 5. I'm glad that a little boy named McCade can see Bryce's good heart and understand the Spirit, if not always the words.

Last night we were scheduled for OT, but his therapist was sick, so we didn't go. I tried to do some therapy at home with him, because he just loves playing with the play-doh they gave him. It's actually thera-putty, which comes in different "strengths" so to say, to work out the muscles of the hands. Last night we made pizzas, and snakes, and looked for popcorn and macaroni shells in it. Audrey had just as much fun with it as Bryce did. His OT is trying to strengthen the muscles in his hands and trying to improve his coordination through working with the thera-putty. And if he never realizes it's actually "therapy" so much the better!!

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  1. YAY and cute about Bryce :)

    Sorry about Audrey's newest development--how is the angel? :(