Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We made it through 2008! A Quick Recap.....

2008 is a year that I am glad to say good-bye to. It's been difficult, frustrating, terrifying, exhilirating, fun - you name it, I think we've had those emotions this year.

I think the best part of our year was DEFINITELY our Disneyland vacation. The kids still talk about it to this day, and Audrey asked me the other day if we could go back soon. We definitely want to - I think it may just have to wait a little while until our budget recovers! 7 months of unemployment takes a killer toll on any type of budget. It was wonderful spending time there and seeing family that I hadn't seen in over 20 years. The Juvenile Arthritis conference was wonderful, and we learned so much. It was awesome to be with other parents (especially mothers) who know exactly what we are feeling and going through, and a lot of them have been down this same road before. Seeing Uncle Bill, Aunt Sarah, Mark, Paula, Jack and Tessa was so much fun. Mark and I were talking about how it was so much different than when we were kids - we were both adults now with children, and it was nice to have an "adult" relationship - not the teasing, and stuff that kids do to each other. I think it was a vacation that we all needed. We had scrimped and saved for it, and it was nice to not have to worry about what we were spending TOO much. (Yes, I know, I'm just getting around to posting some pictures from Disneyland - it's been busy since we got back!)

I think the hardest part of the year was when everything came together at once to overload us - we had Gene still unemployed, Audrey's eyes flared worse than ever before and so we started a new medication by IV, I came down with mono, Bryce was in the ER with what we thought was appendicitis but it turned out to just be severe constipation, and my favorite grandmother died. All within the space of about a month. Audrey is actually named after my grandmother, Florence Audrey Clevenger. It was hard, but I know that I will see her again. Grandma always hated her middle name - I wonder what she would think if she knew we named Audrey after her?

I'm also posting some of my favorite pictures that I took. It's from up Donner's Pass on the way home from California. I just couldn't believe how beautiful this little rest stop was, and so I took a LOT of pictures. Does that surprise you? :-) I was thinking of entering them in the Utah State Fair photography contest, but couldn't afford the fee, so I didn't.

Well, I guess that's a pretty good recap. I have tons of pictures I need to deal with, a ton of laundry to do, and there's never enough time in the day to get any of it all done. As soon as I get some of the pictures downloaded from Christmas, I'll add those too.
Here's to a better 2009. It HAS to be better than 2008 was!!

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